Tiledesk Reviews : Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More

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Open-source conversational platform for building privacy-oriented chatbots and managing customer interactions.

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What is Tiledesk?

Tiledesk is an open-source conversational platform that emphasizes privacy and allows companies to maintain control over their own data. The platform specializes in developing chatbots that provide immediate responses to common customer questions, automate lead generation, and conduct surveys. Tiledesk is recognized for its user-friendly, no-code, open-source chatbot builder, which offers fully customizable solutions for free. Based in Salento, Italy, Tiledesk assists individuals and businesses worldwide in creating conversational apps, promoting standardization, innovation, and technical knowledge exchange among developers. They also provide industry-specific solutions, such as those for healthcare and restaurants, to streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Pricing of Tiledesk


Free Forever: $0 / month

  •  1 Seat included
  •  200 Conversations included (per month)
  •  2 Chatbots
  •  50 Contents for
  • Knowledge Base
  •  10,000 AI Tokens

Basic: €150 2 months for free 

  •  1 Seat included
  •  800 Conversations included (per month)
  •  5 Chatbots
  •  150 Contents for
  • Knowledge Base
  •  50,000 AI Tokens

Premium: €1000 2 months for free  

  •  2 Seats included
  •  3.000 Conversations (per month)
  •  20 Chatbots
  •  300 Contents for
  • Knowledge Base
  •  250,000 AI Tokens

Custom: Contact Us 

  •  Custom # Seats
  •  Custom # Conversations (per month)
  •  Custom # Chatbots
  •  Custom # of Contents for
  • Knowledge Base
  •  Custom # of AI Tokens

Pros and Cons of Tiledesk


  • Open-Source and Privacy-Oriented
  • No-Code, User-Friendly Chatbot Builder
  • Fully Customizable Solutions
  • Industry-Specific Applications
  • Extensive Integration Capabilities


  • Limited Advanced Features in Basic Plan
  • Potential Learning Curve for New Users
  • Dependency on Community Support for Open-Source Version
  • Variable Pricing for Premium Features
  • Limited Offline Support Options

Use Cases of Tiledesk

  • Customer Support Automation: Automate responses to common customer queries, improving efficiency and satisfaction.
  • Lead Generation: Capture and nurture business leads through automated chatbot interactions.
  • Survey Collection: Gather customer feedback and insights through automated surveys.
  • Healthcare Appointments: Schedule and manage patient appointments automatically.
  • Restaurant Reservations: Handle table reservations and customer inquiries seamlessly.
  • E-commerce Assistance: Provide product information, track orders, and handle customer service inquiries.
  • Technical Support: Offer instant troubleshooting and support for technical issues.
  • Event Registration: Automate event sign-ups and attendee management.
  • Knowledge Base Integration: Provide easy access to information through AI-powered chatbots.
  • Social Media Interaction: Engage with customers via messaging clients like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Features of Tiledesk

  • Live Chat Widget: Supports web and mobile for seamless, multichannel customer communication.
  • Growth and Scale: Unlimited workspaces with extensive conversation history, canned responses, and webhooks for API integration.
  • Unbranding: Customize the chat widget to maintain consistent company branding across communication channels.
  • AI-powered Chatbots: Automate customer support with custom response templates and natural language processing.
  • Sales Lead Generation: Drive leads with automated message triggers and promotions.
  • Seamless Integration: Connect with platforms like DialogFlow, RASA, and NodeRED.
  • Ticketing Management: Integrated ticketing with real-time notifications and robust reporting capabilities.
  • Mobile Apps: Available on Android and iOS for managing customer interactions on the go.
  • Push Notifications: Ensure timely responses with push notifications for customer inquiries.
  • Team Inbox: Collaborate internally with ticket notes and shared information.

Alternatives of Tiledesk

  • Zendesk: Comprehensive customer support platform with ticketing, live chat, and knowledge base features.
  • Intercom: Customer messaging platform for personalized support, marketing, and engagement.
  • LiveChat: Real-time chat software for customer support with analytics and reporting tools.
  • Freshdesk: Helpdesk software offering ticketing, automation, and multi-channel support.
  • Drift: Conversational marketing platform focused on live chat, email, and automation for sales and support.
  • Crisp: Multi-channel messaging platform with live chat, email, and CRM integration.
  • HubSpot: Comprehensive CRM platform with live chat, ticketing, and customer service tools.
  • Olark: Live chat software with real-time reporting, automation, and CRM integration.
  • Tawk.to: Free live chat application with customizable widgets and team collaboration features.
  • Botpress: Open-source platform for building and deploying chatbots with natural language processing capabilities.

Feedback about Tiledesk

A perfect helpdesk solution with social media chatbot, it has a lot of features with a super supportive team.
Great experience using the tiledesk. made my website support go to the next level. Thanks to it.
Second-to-none AI chat platform that combines the use of native chatbots and human agents with a Free Forever plan
Excellent software for managing company Help Desk in modals chat first!


How can Tiledesk benefit my business?

Automates support, generates leads, and improves customer satisfaction with customizable, AI-powered chatbots.

Is Tiledesk's chatbot builder no-code?

Yes, it offers a user-friendly, no-code interface for creating fully customizable chatbots.

What industries does Tiledesk serve?

Yes, integrates with platforms like DialogFlow, RASA, NodeRED, and more.

What platforms does Tiledesk's live chat support?

Available on web and mobile, including messaging clients like WhatsApp.

Is there a free trial for Tiledesk?

Yes, a 30-day free trial with access to all premium features, no credit card required.

9.9Expert Score
Open-source conversational platform for building privacy-oriented chatbots and managing customer interactions
Easy to Use

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Tiledesk Reviews : Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More
Tiledesk Reviews : Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More
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