Mailr Reviews : Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More

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AI email writing assistant simplifying email composition for professionals.

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What is Mailr?

Mailr is an AI-powered email writing assistant designed to simplify and streamline the email writing process for professionals. It allows users to generate well-composed emails and replies in seconds directly from their browser. By utilizing AI algorithms, Mailr learns from the user’s writing patterns to continually improve its understanding of the specific content the user wants to convey. The tool offers over ten customizable tones to tailor emails to the recipient’s preferred communication style. Additionally, Mailr provides a free forever plan with a 2000-word limit, making it an ideal solution for professionals looking to save time and improve their email communication efficiency.

Pricing of Mailr


Free Forever: $0/month

  • Depth Astrological Analysis
  • Available for everyone.
  • 2,000 Word Limit
  • Compose New Emails
  • 10+ Custom Tones

Premium: $4.99 / month

  • 100,000+ Words Per Month
  • Faster Email Generation
  • Early Access to Beta Features

Pros and Cons of Mailr


  • Time Efficiency
  • Customizable Tones
  • Learning Algorithms
  • Free Forever Plan
  • Chrome Extension


  • Word Limit on Free Plan
  • Dependence on AI Accuracy
  • Limited Advanced Features in Free Plan
  • Learning Curve
  • Privacy Concerns

Use Cases of Mailr

  • Business Communication:Draft professional emails to clients, partners, and stakeholders efficiently.
  • Customer Support:Generate effective responses to customer inquiries and issues promptly.
  • Internal Communication:Streamline communication with colleagues and team members effortlessly.
  • Sales Outreach:Create persuasive and personalized sales emails effortlessly.
  • Follow-Up Emails:Automate follow-up messages to maintain professional relationships seamlessly.
  • Event Invitations:Craft well-composed invitations for meetings, events, and webinars easily.
  • Newsletter Writing:Generate engaging and informative newsletters for your audience quickly.
  • Networking:Compose professional and friendly emails for networking purposes effectively.
  • Marketing Campaigns:Create targeted email campaigns with customized tones easily.
  • Job Applications:Draft compelling job application emails and cover letters effortlessly.

Features of Mailr

  • AI Email Writing Assistant:Harness AI to quickly compose tailored emails for you.
  • Multiple Customizable Tones:Select from 10+ tones to match your communication style.
  • Learning from Writing Patterns:AI improves by continuously learning your unique writing style.
  • Fast Email Generation:Generate comprehensive emails significantly faster than traditional methods.
  • Up to 100K Words Per Month:High capacity for extensive email writing needs.
  • Fully Integrated Chrome Extension:Access Mailr conveniently on all Chrome devices and platforms.

Alternatives of Mailr

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud:AI-powered platform for comprehensive marketing automation and campaign management.
  • HubSpot:All-in-one marketing and sales platform with advanced email marketing tools.
  • Constant Contact:Popular email marketing platform with AI-powered email editor and campaigns.
  • Mailchimp:Email marketing platform with AI-powered automation and personalized recommendations.
  • Klaviyo:Ecommerce marketing platform offering personalized email campaigns and automation.

Feedback about Mailr

@kevin @rohan_philip, you can’t imagine the quanity of days you’ll save for people on scale! Đ¡ongratulations with the launch đŸ”¥ What email apps do you support? Could I embed it into the Spark for instance?
Alexander Karbankov
I appreciate the ability to customize templates and the option to integrate with existing email clients. Are there plans to expand the platform to include additional integrations with other email clients? Congratulations on the launch, and I wish you all the best in your future updates and features!
Masha Plotkina
This is a game-changer for busy professionals! How about adding a feature that integrates with scheduling apps to suggest the best time to send an email based on the recipient’s timezone and availability?
Tony Fiston


How does Mailr work?

Input email goal, choose tone, AI generates tailored email.

What are the benefits of using Mailr?

Faster email generation, productivity boost, early access to beta features.

Are there any paid plans?

Yes, offering advanced features for professional users’ customization needs.

How can I create an FAQ database for my company?

Compile FAQs, group by topic, write answers, publish on website.

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AI email writing assistant simplifying email composition for professionals.
Easy to Use

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Mailr Reviews : Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More
Mailr Reviews : Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More
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