Gooey AI Reviews: Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More

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Platform simplifying generative AI content creation for businesses.

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What is Gooey AI?

Gooey AI is a platform designed to simplify the utilization of generative AI for eCommerce and online brands. It provides a low-code environment where users can easily create personalized content for their customers without extensive technical training. Additionally, Gooey AI offers an AI builder, consulting services, and access to various AI models from providers like OpenAI, Stability, and Google. It aims to democratize access to AI technologies, enabling businesses to harness the power of AI in their content creation processes.

Pricing of Gooey AI


Basic: $10/month

  • 1000 Credits to get you up, up and away. Cancel your plan anytime.

Pro: $50/month

  • 5000 Credits + special access to make bespoke interactive video bots!

Pro+: $10/month

  • Pay $10 to get 1000 credits. Use on an existing plan or as you go.

Pros and Cons of Gooey AI


  • Low-Code Platform
  • Powerful Bot Building Capabilities
  • Access to Advanced AI Models
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Expert Consulting Services


  • Learning Curve
  • Dependency on AI Models
  • Integration Complexity
  • Potential Overreliance on AI
  • Limited Customization

Use Cases of Gooey AI

  • Content Personalization: Tailoring content for individual customers, enhancing engagement.
  • Automated Customer Support: AI-driven bots for efficient and responsive assistance.
  • Visual Creation: Generating stunning visuals using advanced AI models.
  • Data Parsing: Efficiently extracting and analyzing data from various sources.
  • Conversational Access: Accessing vetted documents and videos conversationally.
  • Workflow Integration: Seamless integration of AI-powered workflows into existing systems.
  • Interactive Chatbots: Creating engaging chatbots with personality and logic.
  • VideoBot Creation: Designing interactive video bots with text-to-speech features.
  • Speech Recognition: AI-powered recognition and translation of speech.
  • API Workflow Execution: Running AI workflows via API for extended functionality.

Features of Gooey AI

  • Low-Code Platform: Simplified AI building for non-technical users.
  • Powerful Bot Building: Train bots, connect to various platforms, edit scripts easily.
  • Access to Advanced Models: OpenAI, Stability, Google models accessible for users.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: Plans suitable for diverse budget sizes.
  • Expert Consulting Services: Strategic guidance to maximize AI utilization.
  • AI Search Functions: Access, parse data from diverse sources efficiently.
  • Visual Creation Tools: Generate stunning visuals using advanced AI models.
  • API Workflow Integration: Seamless integration into existing systems via API.
  • Speech Recognition: AI-powered recognition and translation of speech.
  • Conversational Access: Vetted documents and videos accessible conversationally.

Alternatives of Gooey AI

  • TensorFlow: Google’s open-source machine learning framework for building AI models.
  • PyTorch: Facebook’s deep learning framework offering flexibility and speed.
  • Hugging Face: Provides pre-trained models and tools for natural language processing.
  • IBM Watson: Offers AI-powered solutions for various industries and applications.
  • Microsoft Azure AI: Cloud-based AI services and tools for developers and businesses.
  • Amazon AI Services: Suite of AI-powered services including recognition, language, and forecasting.
  • Salesforce Einstein: AI-powered CRM features for personalized customer experiences.
  • Cortex by Preferred Networks: Platform for deploying and managing AI models at scale.
  • DataRobot: Automated machine learning platform for building and deploying models.
  • OpenAI GPT-3: Large-scale language model offering natural language understanding and generation.

Feedback about Gooey AI

Since using Vidnoz AI in our video production last month, we have been able to produce videos faster. Our marketing team needed videos for online advertising, and we needed video tutorials for employee training.
James Brooks
Really good product, fast and efficient !
Pablo Alt├ęs (SlideMaster)
I do like this tool because it is really esay-to-use, and mainly free, tho limit exsits but it’s okay, and the package is really affordable. By the way I love their support in Disocrd, the admin kyouu helps a lot, thanks!
Siamese Owner
Es muy buena, tiene muchas funciones para un plan gratuito y demasiadas en un de paga, pero no se nota la diferencia, es lo que he buscado
Edwin Juarez
I have tried many ai video making apps but vindoz is really the best of the best. Team of genius persons are behind this initiative. I believe from the core of my heart that vindoz is going to rule over the world of technology in the couple of years. My best wishes are with these great people.
ahsan karim


Who is Gooey AI for?

Businesses, startups, artists, and developers seeking AI integration.

How do I use a workflow?

Select, add inputs, adjust settings, and submit for output.

How do I make a custom workflow?

Modify existing workflows or request custom creation from Gooey.

How do I make a bespoke videobot?

Create a script, choose a voice, and upload a video.

How can I integrate workflows into my website or app?

Utilize Gooey AI’s API to connect workflows seamlessly.

What do I get when I subscribe/make a payment?

Credits for running workflows or accessing API calls.

Why and when do I need to pay Gooey AI?

Payment required for additional credits after initial free allocation.

9.8Expert Score
Platform simplifying generative AI content creation for businesses.
Easy to Use

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Gooey AI Reviews: Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More
Gooey AI Reviews: Pricing, Features, Uses, Pros & Cons, Alternatives, and More
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